More about Meditation

What is meditation? People describe it in different ways. For me, it is a practice of ‘being’. This balances out the hectic ‘doing’ which often consumes us. This means if you find it hard to meditate, it may be because you think you should be ‘doing’ something different…
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My Mindful Journey

My mindful journey probably began with my beloved grandma. It is her pictures that illustrate my website (gallery). She painted them all in her retirement, doing her Fine Art degree in her 80s, and painting well into her 90s. She inspires me to remember, “it is never too late to learn.” Read more

More about Mindfulness

Mindfulness counters anxiety by speaking directly to body and emotions. It could as well be called ‘heartfulness’. Becoming aware through every aspect of your being– body, feelings, thoughts and meaning – you grow more centred and grounded, able to approach life with renewed positivity and vigour. Read more